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Meet Our Temple

Here at Temple Orisha Ile Ifa we are a FAMILY! We pray together and we play together! With love in our hearts, we help each other to learn and grow. 

Offerings To Oshun

During our 2020 Reading of the Year, Orunmila advised our Temple to provide Oshun (the river Orisha) with an offering as part of our annual worship. Our Temple honored this request in spite of challenges, COVID-19, and inclement weather.

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Orisha Aid.webp

Orisha Aid

In November 2020, Temple Orisha Ile Ifa launched its Orisha Aid Food Drive as an example of its motto of “living our faith through service.” Through the support of our Temple members as well as the contributions from Grace Housing Complex, we were able to provide 25 families with a thanksgiving food contribution. Families were residents of affordable housing units owned by LUCHA – one of Chicago’s most innovative providers of affordable housing as well as resident services. Baba Victor (our Temple’s Chief Babalawo and Elder) noted that it was “an honor for our Temple to help these LUCHA families because it shows the community that we’re here and that we care.”

Our Orisha Aid program reflects a long-standing tradition of helping others in need. In fact, the Ifa religion is communal in nature, with great importance given to the support of others, embracing the application of personal sacrifice, and contribution to community-oriented outcomes. Thus, it is very common for a Babalawo, Orisha Priest, or even godchildren or godsiblings to let the community know about a need of a fellow brother or sister. In such times, we always come to the aid of our fellow man. Whether it is by donations of cash, food support, or just being a good friend – we are there for each other, time and time again. In fact, this notion of being a “good friend” reflects on one of the names of Ifa within the Americas: Lukumi (which is a Yoruba-derived word for friend).

Our Temple will conduct additional food drives and other charitable initiatives in the coming months. More announcements to follow! In the meantime, please consider DONATING TODAY to support our charitable work!

Our Temple, Our Family

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