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Baba Victor (Omo Odu)
Dr. Toya "Iya Afefe"Guzman

Baba Victor Guzman is a highly respected and experienced Babalawo from Chicago, IL. who has dedicated his life to the spiritual practices of Ifa Lucumi. With over 20 years of experience as a Babalawo priest and 25 years as an Olo Orisha priest of Shango, he has received some of the highest initiations possible throughout his spiritual journey.


As an Osainista, Baba Victor is skilled in working with herbs and has also received the sacred Ifa knife ceremony, becoming an Oluwo Obe Kuanaldo. He has received Olofi, the highest initiation possible among Babalawos earning him the most elder title of Omo Odu.


Baba Victor, is a loving Padrino to many. He takes good care of his Godchildren, teaching them and guiding them along their life's destiny.


As a devoted mother figure to many people, Iya Afefe Guzman extends her nurturing embrace to all who seek solace and guidance. A respected priest of the Orisha Oya, ordained minister, and certified Emotional Wellness Coach, she brings wisdom and compassion to her community. With a gift for connecting with the spirit realm as an evidential medium, she facilitates ancestral veneration ceremonies, guiding others to honor their lineage. Known for her open-hearted hospitality, she warmly welcomes guests into her home, ensuring they leave nourished in body and spirit. Committed to empowering women, she assists them in healing from past trauma, embodying the essence of her head Orisha's advocacy for female independence and entrepreneurship

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