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Learn More About Ifa & Orisha 

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A Safe Online Space

It's a safe space here, perfect for both seasoned practitioners and newcomers. We're all about sharing knowledge, experiences, and supporting each other on this journey. Come join us as we explore and celebrate the beauty and wisdom of IFA and Orisha together!

A Monthly Community Reading From  Baba Victor

Each month Baba Victor goes LIVE to give our community a group reading. During these readings, we receive wisdom and guidance about how to approach the month ahead. We also have fun! We laugh and enjoy the love and support of our temple family.

 Join us for an interactive experience like no other!

Tutorials & Courses

Included in your subscription: are tutorials and courses designed to deepen your understanding of Ifa and Orisha traditions! Unlock a world of knowledge with our comprehensive and engaging content, curated to cater to all levels of expertise. From beginner basics to advanced insights, our welcoming courses provide a supportive environment for your spiritual journey.

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