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Temple Orisha Ile Ifa 2024 Odu Of The Year

Baba Victor Guzman

Odu Toyale : Irosun Ogunda

1st Witness: Ogunda Bede

2nd Witness: Ogbe Irosun


Osogbo of Aro


Orula Onire

Oniche -Ko

Ebbo to remove the Osogbo: 2 Hens to Orula

Ruling Orisha: Oggun

Accompanying Orisha: Yewa

2024 Flag: Triangular Flag with Pink as the main color,  with 2 green swords, gray tombstone with the number 11 in black 

Taboo & Prohibitions: No Alcohol; Reduce your pork consumption.

Babalawos Who Witnessed 

Baba Victor Guzman (Ogbe Osa)

Baba Jose Chiquito (Okana Otura)

Baba Jose Junco (Ogbe Che)

Baba Jorge Junco (Ogbe Osa)

Baba Justin Rodridguez (Ogbe Che)

Baba Juan Carlos Junco (Iwori Rote)

Baba Rodolfo Loo (Eyi Ogbe)

Baba Victor Guzman (Osa Yeku)

Baba Shiloh Bell (Ogunda Obara)

General Advice:

  • Take care of your heart health this year

  • There may be people who are wishing bad on you and expecting you to fail but don’t worry, God and the Orishas are on your side

  • Be careful of leaving your current partner for someone who will be worst

  • Never allow people to speak negatively about Orishas in your presence

  • If you are pregnant or get pregnant this year, be careful, get readings and do ebbos so that you and the baby won’t be in danger

  • Respect the elderly this year so that they don’t curse you

  • Someone may try to blame you for something that you did not do. If so, get a reading so that the Babalawo and Orunmila can help you

  • People may be preparing for your death but God says that he does not want you yet

  • Ifa says there is NO ONE who can win over you

  • Ifa advises us to be very very care around guns this year!! Guns could bring death

  • Be careful of arguments becoming overly heated and someone getting shot

  • Wear your seatbelts and be very careful of car accidents

  • If you will be having a surgery, check with Baba to see if Ogun should be feed first

  • Do not drink alcohol this year because you could become violent when drunk

  • Be careful of doing favors for people who won’t appreciate it

  • You may end up going your separate ways from some who was once close to you

  • A close friend may betray you this year

  • Obatala and Olokun may be with you a lot this year

  • If your father is alive, he may need you this year. Ifa says even if he hasn’t been there for you in the past, try your best to help him. If you do, heaven will reward you

  • If your father has passed away, check with Baba to see if his spirit needs elevation 

  • Ifa says you are invincible….nothing will break you

  • Your spiritual gifts could increase this year (dreams, intuition, spirit communication, etc)

  • Your ancestors will work with you more this year and help you to develop more spiritually

  • You will have more access to the spirit realm this year

  • Try to dress nicely this year. Looking better will help you to feel better

  • You must charge for the work that you do this year

  • Be careful of the words that you speak, whether you speak positively or negatively your words could come true

  • Try not to allow you head to get wet in the rain this year

  • There may be an offer of marriage that hasn’t yet been fulfilled, it’s not that the person doesn’t want to marry you. Its just that things keep getting in the way to prevent. Get a reading and do ebbo

  • Be careful of an enemy who was once your friend

  • Give thanks to your mother because she follows you even in your thoughts. If she is dead, she will give you everything and protect you

  • Never think about taking your own life, even if you are depressed

  • Men…Ifa says now is the time to dedicate yourself to getting your life together. Focus on this more than anything 

  • If you see people fighting, don’t try to break it up!! You could get hurt trying to help

  • Do not fight with your spouse

  • Try not to be the 3rd person in any situation this year

  • Do not eat pork

  • Do not eat anything that is stuffed 

  • Make sure that your relationship doesn’t lose the romance this year

  • As your money and business increases remember to not get so distracted that your relationship loses its romance

  • This is a good year to do spiritual masses for your egun

  • If you think your spouse is cheating, get a reading. It could be that they aren’t cheating it could be a spirit who is the one getting in the way and causing problems

  • Remember, that with the help of Ifa you can defeat 30 men

  • Don’t wear the clothes that you wore all day to bed

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